Lawn Innovations creates an elegantly manicured landscape appearance through our design and installation process. Customer’s input is gathered and site condition surveyed, to create a goal and a budget, and Lawn Innovations does the rest. Leaving the customer with an appearance that stands out from the neighborhood.

Some of our landscaping services in Centerville, OH

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Lawn Innovations has created many new landscape projects, from as simple as adding new beds and plants to creation of tiered patios and waterfall ponds. We are experts in creating and expanding landscaping designs within the customer’s budget.


FERTILIZER Lawn Innovations, uses only the quality fertilizers to combat weeds and maintain that strong, beautiful turf our customers deserve. We provide a yearly fertilization package that includes Crabgrass Control, Broadleaf Weed Control, and Insect Control.
LEAF REMOVAL Welcome back your green yard again after all the leaves have been removed from your property. Lawn Innovations offers leaf removal services and will monitor your yard and clear it throughout the fall.
MOWING & TRIMMING All turf areas will be policed for debris prior to mowing. Turf will be cut as required (generally weekly) throughout the season. Turf will be kept in a neat appearance and cut to a length of 2.5 to 3.5 inches. Large well-maintained mowers will be used to increase striped appearance. Trimming, edging, and blowing will be performed upon completion of mowing. Turf areas to be trimmed will include sidewalks, drives, curbs, building foundations, steps, utility boxes, fences, beds, and trees.
MULCHING Lawn Innovations offers a variety of mulches and composts that can be used to create the mulch beds you want. All beds are hand or mechanically edged, providing a sharp look that ensures the mulch stays in place. The beds are then weeded, and a layer of Pre-Emergent is applied. The mulch of your choice is then applied to a maximum depth of 2”.
PLANTING Lawn Innovations uses the local nurseries for a variety of Shrubs and Perennials that can be added to complete your yard’s look. All planting is done in accordance with Ohio Horticultural Guidelines.
PRUNING We use the up-most care in pruning your shrubbery as recommended by horticultural guidelines. We use only the sharpest hand and mechanical hedge clippers to give your property the crisp, groomed look. Services are performed year round as requested, but we recommend performing the services during spring and fall, so not to affect the shrubs budding/blooming.
SEED/SOD INSTALLATION Replacing that unsightly yard damaged by pets, high traffic, or drought is as easy as turning on the faucet. Lawn Innovations offers various seed types and different sods to give you back the new yard look.
SNOW REMOVAL & SALTING Lawn Innovations provides around the clock fast, prompt snow removal and salting services. Call today, to get pricing so we can get you and your family or business back on the street again.